Marketing Matchmaker | Designer

Bridget Stiles

Bridget's ultimate goal is to provide a beautiful space for artists and entrepreneurs while supporting one another's talents + wares in a harmonious manner.  As a floral designer, she also works closely with Brittany at Hartland Home to create beautiful, high-end floral arrangements for any occasion.  
"Peace, Love, & Peaches"


Kevin Godfrey

Kevin is... Web design, social media expert and marketing guru that can increase profit and lower expenses.

"Use the power of the internet to expand your digital footprint and get more exposure to potential clients than ever before. With our 1, 2 punch of a new, dynamic, mobile-friendly website and social media presence you will feel empowered in any economic climate."

Social Media Marketing | Designer

Brittany DeHart

Home decor, trending designer, owner of Hartland Home and our social media QUEEN; Brittany's love and passion for others helps represent our mission to promote 

entrepreneurs within The Lab.  

Justin Serna

Content Creator

Photographer, Audio Engineer, Web Designer, Videographer, and Graphic Designer; Justin is several things and he helps us bring the vision of The Lab to life.
"Does anyone have a Dr. Pepper?"